When triggered by event, this will test the IF statement (for instance document.bgColor=="green") and if true, it will do the javascript you type in the THEN field, otherwise it will do the javascript you specify in the ELSE clause. If there is no else, just leave it like it is (with the comments) If you just keep the pre-filled "true" in the if clause, you can do unconditional assignments, like saying "if(true) {document.bgColor="blue"}" and this will immediately set the background color to be blue, so you can use this for assigning any value to any variable!!! You can also get those global values defined in the actions (Popup Prompt, and Popup Confirm) by doing "if true, myvariable = window.myGlobalValueSetEarlierWithPopup" where you replace that long name with the variable you defined in your popup. Dont use single quotes.