Relative Name(ID) of layer:
Absolute Pathname(path+id) of layer:
NS Pathname (do not edit!!!)
IE Pathname (do not edit!!!)
X Coord of new position :
Y Coord of new position:
Step (Pixels):
Delay (Millisec):
Slide Layer will take any current layer and "slide" it to a new location. Can be "interrupted" by another slide layer event on the same layer (so you dont get jitters). You can have multiple SLIDE LAYERS going on at once. Only use "relative" or "absolute" not both at once. Make sure the fields of the one you dont use are empty. Relative is for the simple case when you have a link in the page move a top level layer. Absolute is for all other cases - where the link that is triggering the SLIDE LAYER is itself in a layer, and/or the layer to get SLIDE'd is nested inside a layer. Always start with "window." when using the "absolute" option. Example: if layer foo is inside layer bar, NS would be: ; IE would be: window.document.all[\'foo\'] (use the escaped quotes.)