Web Instances v 3.0
Data Page URL:

To use create a data html page consisting of one table with the first row being "keywords" which will correspond to special tagnames in a template html. Two required keywords being "wiclass" which is a unique name for each row/instance. And "wiprotourl" which is the relative or absolute path to the specific prototype(template) page for that instance. These can be anywhere in the table, but for convenience they ought to be the first two columns. After building this data table, create a proto page (or pages) which contains a single set of html which will be inserted into your page (like a library item). Insert in the proper locations tags which have the names corresponding to the column heads in your data table. For instance if you had a column called foober, you would insert <foober></foober> somewhere in your prototype html page. Finally, to insert this instance into a regular web page somewhere, find the location on the regular page, and insert a
<webinstance class="something"></webinstance> into the page, where "something" corresponds to the wiclass value you want. See example pages and tutorial for help.
If you want to "include" data instead of pasting it into the table, use the tagname: wiinclude_XXX (example: wiinclude_foobar). Then in the cells below it put a URL to the file you want to include. The CONTENTS of the file you point to will be inserted into the place you specify via the wiinclude_XXX tag in the prototype file. If you want to insert the current date into the page, insert (in the prototype page ONLY, NOT the data table!) the special tag: widate