What's new in 2.0?

I added two new features:


1)optional data column called wiinclude_XXXX

be sure to read the first readme.html first.

this allows you to include data from another text file without having to paste it into the table. Just start your tag with
wiinclude_something where you replace something with a word you want. Some examples:



Then in the cells below this in the data table put either file:// urls or urls relative to the site like:



You can only "include" file types that are readable by Dreamweaver, like html or txt

see the example 2 table.


2) widate

This tag does not appear in the data table at all DONT PUT IT THERE! Instead you can use it anywhere in your prototype/template pages - and when the elements get generated/merged it will insert the current date and time into that location.

for example:

the page was last updated on <widate>placeholder</widate>