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To build your own actions, start off with a fresh, blank file in DW. Click at the top of this blank page (don't skip this!) and then drag or double click the Action Builder object. Look at the pre-filled example for tips on how to build an action. The order of parameters in the function definition MUST be the SAME as the top down order in the parameters list or they will get out of order. If you want more than 5 parameters let me know, but I rarely have an action with more than 5... Once you have built the Action, save the created file into your Configuration:Behaviors:Actions: directory (or some subdir of your own creation underneath Actions). Restart DW and boom! It will show up in your Behaviors list. You might need to add a Title manually via page properties. If you decide to reduce the number of parameters, the field must say "[none]" - so retype that in the field.