Object Maker v1.0

Object Name (nospaces): -- for help scroll to bottom --

Object Parameters (up to 5)Cut-n-Paste Parameter into code below

The quoted HTML code the object will output: (you MUST use (\") instead of (") for inner quotes) an example is "pre filled" below:
0) start with a new blank file (with all the head,body, etc. tags as created by default in DW. In other works, just do a FILE:NEW)

1) input a name for your object

2) type in the HTML code that you want the object to output (see example). Be sure to keep the quotes and if you need to quote items, use the slash quote as in the example. (Imagine that this string is the exact string you would have been typing on your own as the "return" value of your objectTag() function.)

3) decide on the user-changeable parameters such as "height" and "width" for this example. and type them in the parameters boxes. Notice as you click out of them you get a "premade" string that you can now insert into your object. You can change these at will, and when you "lose focus" on them the code on the right is updated. Dont leave a parameter field blank between two filled in! My script stops checking for parametere after the first blank parameter box.

4) cut and paste the premade strings into your object in the right locations. Note! You should only paste into areas that are quoted - for instance: "this is a"+test - you should only paste into the quoted area, not into the +test area. Remember this is just a way to help you automate the process you would have already done manually.

5)click ok, then save this file to you configuration/objects/special directory (if special doesnt exist, then create it. You dont have to call this directory "special" you can call it whatever you want.)

6) create a GIF file of the same name as the file you saved, and make it 16 by 16 pixels, and save it in the same directory as the .html file you made.

7)Test it out! If you find bugs in MY code, please let me know. In order to use this object effectively, you should already be familiar with how to make objects anyway.

8) my email address is andreww@netscape.com

9) if your object line is long, after you create it, look at the line that has "return [somestuff] ;" if the quoted stuff is not on the same line as the "return" command, delete the spaces so that they are on the same line. If you dont do this , your object will return "nothing".