Initial Image File:
  Random Image Name, Path, Type (.GIF or .JPG) and Number of Images:
The Initial Image File is the image displayed while the document loads. If the browser doesn't support the Image-Object defined in JavaScript 1.1, the Initial Image File remains there. Otherwise the Initial Image File is replaced by a randomly chosen file.

The Randomly Chosen Files have to be named in the form
Random Image Name + Number from 1 to Number of Images + Type (.gif or .jpg).


Random Image Name = testy
Path = images (NO slash at the end!!!)
Type = GIF
Number of Images = 3

You would create three image files named testy1.gif, testy2.gif and testy3.gif in the sub-folder images.

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This Object definition is Copyright 1998 by Alexander Czernay

Many thanks to Eric Tscherne for creating that nice icon!