This is a placeholder for how to build wizzy themes.

make sure you read how to use wizzy themes.


To create a theme - look at the example.html and the th_testtheme.html.


a theme page is an html/XML document with a <theme> tag.

this tag contains <themelet> tags.

these tags have two properties - type and name. Right now there are only two types (style, image) but eventually there will be link types, button types. and other types.

Name is the predefined name for that class of theme element. Look at the how to use page for a list of all of the STANDARD theme class names.

If you want your theme to work with others you HAVE to use these names.

You may expand on them if you like but then your theme will only work for you.

So create a directory called whatever your theme is called.

Put a th_XXXXX.html in is where XXXXX is replaced by your theme name.

The way themes work is that DW looks on a page for any image that has the same class as a class you have defined in your theme. If it finds it, it replaces that image tag with the CONTENTS of the <themelet> tag you have defined in your theme. So you could actually put other markup in that themelet tag if you want - like tables or other things like layers.

Now make all your images and create a stylesheet for a site. Put the stylesheet in the right themelet tag.

Copy the images to that same directory, zip it up, and post it!

If you need any help at all let me know!