Arcadius Dev Blog – ideas

Since this is a dev blog post, I’m hoping to jot down some ideas about Arcadius. I’ve found several really helpful components in the YUI Gallery – such as storage, tree view, and time selector. Here’s a few short notes about Arcadius.

The UI will be very low graphics, with a heavy dependency on CSS – especially CSS3 and transitions, etc.
I’m looking for a few custom fonts to use, to add a bit of style to the application.

One of the ideas I’m toying with is having a card system for managing your games. When you create a bookmark, you have an “incomplete” card. To actually make it a full “card” you have to enter a bit more information, such as the name, the genre, and any notes you want to keep. I’m trying to think of the most essential pieces of information to ask for, so that the system will become more useful. The idea is to come up with a very light “meta game” that you play as you play your web games.

One thought I was kicking around was to slowly change the UI over time as you play more types of games. If you play a lot of sports games, you might see baseballs slowly appear in the background, or if you play shooters, the colors get darker.

Tonight I hope to make a bit more advancement on the storage system.

Some other ideas: taking advantage of YQL for location, weather, and RSS feeds.