Twine 2.x via the web

I really like the direction that Twine is going in – using backbone, etc and being built via grunt and other tools. It’s really the way single page apps aught to be built. My desire is to take a look at the project in depth and see if I can find some way to contribute, as it’s not only a very worthy project, it’s one that is open source and open to new changes and improvements.

Check it out online via

Getting into the game.

It’s been a while, and a lot has happened since we last talked. Today I’m renewing a focus on building games. I’ve been wanting to be two things in life, an author and a game developer. Today I make a step towards the game developer side of things and see how it goes. I got a copy of gamemaker – through steam – and worked through the first tutorial. It’s all very familiar as gamemaker is one of the few tools I spent a lot of time with. Now that I’ve chosen the tool – warts and all – I’m going to restart the 1 Game A Month site I started, and stick to at least one game per month. Let’s get going!

Breaking the curse.

I’m posting again in less than 24hrs. The curse has been broken. Now I can post as often or as little as I want. The question will be “will anyone read this?”

Been a long time.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted much here. It seems like time passes so quickly between posts. Will I post again next week or next month? Perhaps it’s time to get more consistent and post things folks might like to read…