Commands are powerful extensions that allow you to change any aspect of your page, or many pages! It is really the killer feature of Dreamweaver 2.0. Save these files in your Configuration/Commands subdirectory.


Name Author Date Revised Description Location
Site Logging Andrew Wooldridge
11/11/98 Three commands that allow you to create a log file of the changes that you are making in your site - great for team situations where you can post message to other members of your team. commands
Invert Table Axes Andrew Wooldridge
11/11/98 Converts a table's rows into columns - and columns into rows. Useful for tabular data. commands
Zero Page Borders Andrew Wooldridge 11/11/98 When building framesets, you sometimes still get a tiny margin between borderless frames. Running this command in each frame (in the document) will kill those borders. commands

Tag Properties

Andrew Wooldridge

Allows you to add, edit, and remove any property of any tag. Useful for adding quick custom javascripts or globally changing a property of something on a page. Fixed bug in viewing javascript in properties.(11.25.98) commands
Build Custom Tag Andrew Wooldridge 11/12/98 Allows you to quickly build your own XML tags for Dreamweaver! Will even auto-create the file and save it for you in the correct location! Be sure to get the GIF file too. commands
ASCII to Table Andrew Wooldridge 11/12/98 Allows you to import an ascii tab-delimited file from say excel to an html table (see Tables to Ascii below to change tables to ascii strings) commands
All of Them Andrew Wooldridge 11/25/98 Verrry useful command: Pick any element (like an image). Then run this. It finds ALL elements on the page of the same type and let's you select them. Great for jumping back and forth between elements! And if you pick an A tag - it shows you the HREF! commands
Scratch Pad Andrew Wooldridge 11/30/98 This handy thing allows you to keep a "scratch pad" of various html code, comments, snippets, etc. Which you can use ACROSS sites, and can paste directly into the page! Be sure to get BOTH FILES! The data file is essential but you can "reset it" by doing a "create pad".UPDATED! Please re-download this if you have already - it adds support for long scratch names.  
Web Bookmarks Andrew Wooldridge 11/30/98 This is similar to scratch pad, only you only put urls here. Allows you to insert the bookmark as a link in your page, or to visit that link in your browser! (Launches your browser and goes to that link) Get BOTH files.  
Style to Top Andrew Wooldridge 12/02/98 When building cross-browser layers, the style info for that layer (div or span) is inside the tag. This command removes the style info and places it at the top of the page. This is useful for when you want to eventually extract this and put it in a separate stylesheet.  
Thread and Create Threadlist Andrew
12/10/98 Allows you to define scripts like MACROS that will run either ALWAYS,when some object's property changes, or if that property equals some value. Happens at DESIGN TIME. Click here for HELP. Updated 12/10/98.  
Tweak Head Andrew
12/11/98 Let's you quickly see your HEAD content (HTML source) and make quick tweaks.  
Quick Site Andrew Wooldridge 12/11/98 Quickly prototype a simple site just by typing in a few values. Save hours of typing. Auto-generates a navigation bar to traverse the whole site!  
Inherit Properties Andrew Wooldridge 12/14/98 Copy a tag's properties such as bgColor and apply them to other tags - like a "smart" cut and paste. Doesnt effect NAME and optionally HREF.  
Name all Elements Andrew Wooldridge 12/16/98 Allows you to quickly name all Images or all frames, or tables, etc. on your page. Named images are required for many things like Swap Image.  
Scheduled Behaviors Andrew Wooldridge 12/21/98 Based on the Date, Day, Year, Hour, Minute, or Random - you can trigger ANY OTHER ACTION! You could do "random" banner ads with swap image, or change the bgcolor of your page based on what year it is!  
Create 3DML SPOT Andrew Wooldridge 12/28/98 A fast template for building 3DML spots. See for the plugin.  
Clear Page Content Andrew Wooldridge 12/29/98 Completely erases all content on your page. Useful for building non-html pages or starting from scratch.  
Command Menu Manager Andrew Wooldridge 12/29/98 At Last! This command allows you to edit your commandMenu.htm file to build hierarchical structure to all the commands you've downloaded! Add commands to any sub-menu in Dreamweaver!  
Wrap/Unwrap Element Andrew Wooldridge 01/06/1999 Allows you to pick an element - say a table and "wrap" it with code. Or pick a bold tag and "strip" it off of some text.  
Change Tag Andrew Wooldridge 01/15/99 Pick any element and "transform" it into any other element - like a <B> to <code> or <b> to <b><i> (nesting an <i>).  
Extensions Installer Andrew Wooldridge 01/22/99 Automatically install Actions, Commands, and Objects!  
Document Info Andrew Wooldridge 01/29/99 Get's Lots of interesting info about a page.  
HotKeys Andrew Wooldridge 02/12/99 Allows you to bind any javascript action to a key (like typing "!" to bring up an alert box)  
Manifest: Tables to Pages Andrew Wooldridge 02/24/99 Build a whole site from one page! Build pages by placing them inside single-cell tables. Set the table name and bgcolor. Hitting "build" exports all the tables into their own pages! This way you can quickly build a whole site from one page, and do "global" commands, search/replace, etc. because it's all on one page! When you are done, you just hit "build" to build the site!  
Validate CSS Andrew Wooldridge 03/11/99 Takes any CSS code you paste ( or auto-finds the top CSS in your code for you) and sends it to the W3C CSS validator service.  
Computer Dictionary Andrew Wooldridge 03/11/99 Gateway to the Free Online Dictionary of Computing. Type in a query and it will go to that site and find the answer!  
RSS Channel Generator Andrew Wooldridge 03/19/99 This command creates RSS files - useful in My.Netscape channels or channels!  
Tag Converter Andrew Wooldridge 04/13/99 This command allows you to "batch convert" tags from one to another. Be sure to download the sample batch file!!  
Wizzy Themes! Andrew Wooldridge 04/19/99 This command allows you to apply site "themes" - assocated styles and graphics from a theme set. Here is the themes section. Put the Wizzy Themes.html file in your config/commands dir. Create a subdir off of Configuration called SiteThemes. Unzip the test theme and put the directory (contating the html and gifs) into the SiteThemes directory. For more info go to the themes section linked above. Updated! 04/20/99 - now you can insert DIV elements.  
Div 2 Layer Andrew Wooldridge 04/20/99 Converts an ordinary mild-mannered DIV tag into a super-powered CSS-positioned Layer thingy!  
Class and ID Inspector Andrew Wooldridge 04/23/99 Allows you to quickly modify the class and ID attributes of any tag. Very useful companion tool for Wizzy Themes.  
Wizzy Batch AW 04/28/99 Allows you to do batch-processing of documents. Be sure to get the example batch file.  
Wizzy Web AW 04/28/99

A prototype of an automatic website generation system.

Requires DWfile!

Generate Slideshow AW 04/28/99

Choose a directory and Generate Slideshow will scan it for GIF's, JPEG's, and PNG's and create a slideshow of all the images in HTML!

Requires DWfile!

Articulator AW 04/28/99

This is a prototype system for storing and generating a list of news articles. You provide a "template" HTML and it creates articles in HTML replacing special tags with specific data.

Requires DWfile!

Scan For HREFs AW 04/29/99

Scans the directory you specify - looking in ALL html files - and creates a page containing ALL the URLs (http://,ftp://) that could be found in ALL those html files. Note - it does not recurse directories.

Requires DWfile!

Inherit Page Properties AW 04/30/99 Every want to use another page as a template for you new one? Well now you can do it more easily! With this command you choose a page that will be the "source" of html for your current one. You can choose just to get the bgcolor or the background gif, or all the scripts, or all the tables, or all the images, or just the stylesheets, .... etc. etc. You can even choose ANY tag to suck from the source page into the target page (like layers or forms). WOW!  
Import Content AW 05/03/99 This Command allows you to insert the contents of one HTML file into another. If you select an HREF to be "replaced" by this content it will pre-fill the path of the file to inset with the path of the href url.  
Export Content AW 05/04/99 This command is the opposite of Import Content. It takes any single element (to get many elements, wrap them in a non-positioned DIV or span tag) and saves that element out to it's own HTML file - then replaces that element on the page with a link to that element. You have to modify that link though since it is a file:// URL. Just remove the extra path information.  
TablesToASCII AW 05/05/99 Opposite of Ascii to Tables - converts a table to a delimited text string (you choose the delimiter)  
Site List AW 05/06/99

This command really shows off DWfile's power! It will place in the current document (replacing any content in there so use a new blank file!) a complete listing of all the files in your site. These links are absolute, so you'll need to convert them to relative if you want to use this page on your remote site. This is basically a demo of my new site traversal code.

Warning! For larger sites you need to give DW lots o fmemory or you will crash!
Requires DWfile!

Simple Search Engine AW 05/07/99 This command will build a simple search engine for your site! Read the readme.txt for details.
Requires DWfile!
Fast Catalog AW 05/14/99

This command builds a simple catalog with a shopping cart function.

Requires DWfile!

Site Stats AW 05/17/99

This command generates some quick statistics about your site like how many images it presents, how many tables, frames, scripts, layers, etc. and can display all the files in a site for a quick listing.

Requires DWfile!

Auto Nav AW 05/18/99

This command allows you to auto-generate navbars on your site! Read the readme.txt for details

Requires DWfile!

Web Elements AW 06/08/99

This allows you to insert repeatable, updatable elements like library items only you can collect elements together and send them to friends. Also less restrictive.

Requires DWfile!

WebSheets: SiteSheet AW 06/11/99

Get a GUI view of your site! Future versions will allow you to manipulate pages, links, create new pages, etc.

.Requires DWfile!

Web Merge AW




This amazing command allows you to merge data from an html table with a template/prototype file to rapidly create database-style pages! Imagine a tool like a "mail merge" only for web pages!


Updated: you can now specify the exact name for each "instance" generated by adding a column who's topmost cell is "wmsavefilepath" and each cell below is a filename relative to SITE ROOT. ex: joe.html

Fast Frames AW 06/25/99 Choose from 12 different preset framesets to quickly get your frameset page going! You have to go to the HTML view , add a space somewhere, then come back into the wysiwyg view in order for the frameset to "show" Note that Massimo Foti has a cooler one on his web site.  
Web Instances v4 AW


updated 07/01/99

Imagine if you had library - like objects which could each have their own "templates", and that all of the content to fill in the template was in one spreadsheet like location! That's web instances! Create reusable, templateable, easily changable components!

Update: added support for include files via "wiimport_" column and added a new tag "widate" which resolves to the current date and time. See docs.

Update: fixed a site parsing bug and added some error checking.

.Requires DWfile!

Remove Tags Except AW 08/02/99 Allows you to strip tags from a page while skipping certain tags you specify. To specify the tags, create a simple table in a new blank document and place tagnames in it. Example exclusion file.