Objects are pieces of HTML code that you can drag and drop into your page - with optional parameters. Great for re-using html code.


Name Author Date Revised Description Location
Insert Copyright Line

Andrew Wooldridge

3/1/98 Inserts a copyright line common
3 Button Rollover Bar Andrew Wooldridge 3/1/98 Creates a 3 button bar with links configuration /objects /special
(you must create this dir)
Calculatorv.01 Andrew Wooldridge 3/1/98 Ever wanted a quick calculator in DW? This object takes advantage of the Dialog Box that should pop up when you drag an object. Whatever is in the "OutPut" field will get inserted into that location on the page. special
BannerAd v.03 Andrew Wooldridge


UPDATED!! 06/22/99

Create a changing "ad banner" with UNLIMITED different states. Clicking the banner goes to some corresponding link.


Now can target frames!

Random Image v1.0 Alexander Czernay
3/1/98 Displays a different random image whenever the page is reloaded. special
Object Maker v1.0 Andrew Wooldridge 3/1/98 This is an object for developers. Use it to make your own simple objects. (An object that makes objects...) development
Image Pre-Loader v1.01 Andrew Wooldrdige 3/1/98 This object allows you to select a series of images to "pre-load" into your cache. Should be placed at the top of your page to be most useful. (1.01 adds some code to make sure only js 1.1 or better is used) special
Insert Frameset v0.1 Andrew Wooldridge 3/1/98

To use this object, go to your HTML preview and delete the body tag and it's contents. Then drag & drop this object. To get Dreamweaver to "understand" the frameset tags, you must manually insert carriage returns after each frame tag. See the instructions in the object.

Non-Breaking Space v0.1 Andrew Wooldridge 3/1/98 A very simple object that inserts a user-specified series of non-breaking space entities. Useful as a "short cut". invisibles
Jump Menu v0.1 Andrew Wooldridge 3/1/98 This object allows you to create "jump menus". Basically a pulldown form list that will jump to a location immediately upon selecting it from the list. special
Action Maker Andrew Wooldridge 6/25/98 This is a very different object. It allows you via simple menus to create your own actions! Just insert the parameters, the name, and the javascript function you want to use and it will create the tables, handling functions, etc. for you! development
Mailto Andrew Wooldridge 7/1/98 Inserts a mailto : link that also allows you to automatically set the subject and body text of the email! (for compatible email clients) common
Insert Browse ForFile Button Andrew Wooldridge 7/7/98

If you build your actions or objects inside Dreamweaver, sometimes you want a "browse" button to get files. This object let's you automate that by just dropping the owhere you want a "browse for file url" button. You must specify the name of the input field that it will send the info to.

Most useful for people using the Object and Action builders.

Stop Javascript Errors Andrew Wooldridge 08/05/98 Have you ever had a javascript error on your site that you couldn't find or fix, and you just want the error messageto go away? Insert this at the top of your page and all subsequent errors will be intercepted and nullified! Use with caution.  
Show All Object Tags Andrew Wooldridge 08/06/98 This object is useful only for it's "side effect" - it doesn't insert anything into your page, instead it allows you to get a listing of all of the tags in your page that match some type - like if you input "IMG" you will see a listing of all of the image tags in your document, if you input "TABLE" it will show all of your table HTML. It also shows everything CONTAINED by those tags, so try things like "title", "meta", etc. Extremely powerful - you could use this to build reports on your site, or quickly see all of your img tags for errors. Cut and paste the code from the input textarea.  
JS Jump Menu Andrew Wooldridge 09/14/98 By popular demand: this is a version of Jump Menu that is Javascript enabled - you can launch any js code from each selection. This means you can target frames, open new windows, pop alerts and more!  
Insert 3DML SPOT Andrew Wooldridge 12/28/98 Allows you to insert objects of type 3DML - see www.flatland.com  
Insert IFRAME Andrew Wooldridge 01/04/99 Inserts an HTML 4.0 IFRAME  
Dynamic Date Michael West 01/18/99 Inserts todays date and year with ability to set FONT and COLOR.  
Insert SuperScape - Viscape Christine 01/22/99 Inserts a SuperScape - Viscape object - allows you to view VRML and Superscape worlds (if the browser has the plugin)  
Daily Message Michael West 01/28/99 TBD..  
Hierarchical Items Andrew Wooldridge 02/18/99 Allows you to create collapsable hierarchical elements. (Hide and show any content or sub-content!) Uses XML.  
States Brian Graham 03/25/99 Place a drop down form field of the 50 United States of America within your document.  
This Document Andrew Wooldridge 05/28/99 Places a link to the current document in that document.  
Any Tag AW 07/01/99 Allows you to insert any sort of tag you want - doesnt need to be HTML necessarily (XML)  


Objects - Browser Specific(Netscape 4.x or Higher - or - IE 4.x)
Name Author Date Revised Description Location
Rollover Text Andrew Wooldridge 3/1/98

(Works only in Netscape 4.0) As you pass your mouse over the link, the color of the text changes.

Draggable Layer v0.1 Andrew Wooldridge 3/1/98 This is a very simple object that creates a positioned element that is draggable. You can insert images, etc. Into it and they will "drag along". It only works on Netscape - given that it uses event capturing. special
Persistent Layer v0.1 Andrew Wooldridge 3/1/98 If you've been to Netscape's Company page you'll find a nav layer that follows you around when you scroll the page. This layer does the same thing! You can treat this like any other layer except don't change it's name or use more than one per page!!! So you can modify it's clip, src, top, left, bgcolor, etc. (And dont feed it after midnight...) special
Browser Layer v0.1 Andrew Wooldridge 3/1/98 This is a Netscape layer that acts like a self-targeting frame. Links in this layer will place their results back into this layer - so you get a "browser within a browser" effect. See notes within the object for more info. Requires NS4.x special
Ticker Layer v0.1 Andrew Wooldridge 3/1/98 This layer (sorry Netscape only again) emulates a tickertape with links, lots of customizable settings. Can include links in the text. special
ClickBar v0.1 Andrew Wooldridge 3/1/98

This layer (more Netscape only stuff) allows you to hide links, or other pages in a tab that docks to the left side of your window. Clicking on the tab slides the layer to the right, reveailing the contents! Great for ad's, navigation, news, etc.

Resize Window Wolfgang Huebner 5/4/98 This object allows developers to automatically resize a window to a given height and width. Insert directly into page just before you need the window resized. special
Override link behaviors Andrew Wooldridge 09/02/98 This Object allows you to magically override the default behaviors of all links on your page. For instance you could override the onMouseOver event handler for every link to go to some page in a new frame! Very powerful. Make sure it's inserted at the bottom of the page or it wont work properly... special
ASP - Connection Object Bill Bulman 03/26/99 It allows you to build a connection object string, including the recordset variable name, the type of object, an SQL query, and the DSN name.  
ASP - Recordset Output Bill Bulman 03/26/99 It allows you to output a specific field from the database in the page.