Welcome to the new and improved Dreamweaver Depot! This is a site that provides for you many new extensions to Macromedia Dreamweaver.


These objects are presented "as-is" by their authors, whom cannot take responsibility for any damage or unusual behavior that might result in their usage. Use at your own risk! Authors may or may not accept feedback as to the nature of their objects, etc. This site is presented only as a location for authors to present their objects, etc. to others for free use.



Read this if you have questions about downloading or setting up your objects or actions.


Be sure to turn on "show dialog on inserting objects" in your General Preferences ! To open .tar files you must either have Winzip for PC or Stuffit Expander with Expander Enhancer for Mac. For some files you will have to rename them with the required spaces (replacing the %20's).

To access most files simply left-click (or equivalent on mac) and download. If you see a file called "somename.ext.LCK" just ignore it. Is not necessary for downloading - it is just DW's way of access control via DW.

How to use objects: inside your dreamweaver folder there is a folder called CONFIGURATION. Inside there you will find a folder called OBJECTS - and inside that one, many folders like COMMON or INVISIBLES. These folders contain the .htm and .gif files that make up the pallets for your objects. If you create a new folder inside of the OBJECTS folder it will show up in the object pallet as a new area (i.e. SPECIAL). If place new objects inside that folder they will then show up on reloading dreamweaver in that section. Look in these folders to get an idea how this works.

How to use actions: like objects above, look in CONFIGURATION/BEHAVIORS/ACTIONS. All the files there are actions that you can access when you use the "Behaviors" window. To add new actions, place them in this folder and reload Dreamweaver.