What's New! October 26, 1998

You can use queries as a "shortcut" way to build sites rapidly. Here's what you can do:

  1. Find some code you use often - like a simple table.
  2. Copy this code (command-C or control-C)
  3. Think of a special keyword for this code, like for a table "!!!table!!!"
  4. Open Find/Replace
  5. Choose Find What - HTML Source
  6. Typein !!!table!!! (or whatever your keyword is)
  7. Paste the HTML code into the Replace With field
  8. Click the "save" icon - looks like a floppy.
  9. save the file as table1 under Configuration/Queries/
  10. hit close
  11. Go to some new document
  12. type in !!!table!!!
  13. Hit command H or control H to pop up the search replace window
  14. click the Open File icon and choose "table1.qwr"
  15. click replace all

You see? You can now quickly build pages with just a few keywords. You could also build a site and when you finished with 20 pages or so, load and run these queries and save you hours of work.